Friday, April 18, 2008

Taking her first steps

Little Alyssa's got a new obsession lately, ie standing up and waiting for an ovation from her audiences! She's just a few steps shy from being declared that she can walk, today's the first time she took 1.5 steps unaided, BRAVO!!! Silly parents tsk tsk tsk...if you haven't got a bub yet, you probably wouldn't understand yet hehe...look at her trying to balance herself up, soooo cute. Sorry this is a proud mum's self indulgence hehe...She's very active for a girl, maybe cause she's been playing with too many boys at day care, funny that her age group has a majority of boys. I'm quite excited about her being able to walk on her own but on the other hand, she'll be even more demanding on our time where we'd have to watch her every second then. That would mean no more cooking once my parents have gone home :(

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