Monday, April 14, 2008

Quick Tom Yum Chicken

Found a jar of Tom Yum paste in my pantry and discovered that its about to expire next month! Since i had no idea what to cook my chicken with, it shall be Tom Yum chicken then, this is an untested recipe, just a spur of the moment kind off dish but it turned out pretty pretty good i think.

Here's the recipe:
-1kg Skinless chicken pieces-there will be too much oil in the dish if the skin weren't taken off
-2-3 heaping tbsp of tom yum paste depending on the saltyness of the brand
-few dashes of fish sauce for extra kick
-lime juice to taste-i use lime juice extract that comes in a bottle, absolutely love the convenience -4 birds eyes chilli-more or less up to your taste buds
-2 stalks of bashed lemon grass
-2 tbsp sugar
-add some kaffir lime leaves if you have but not essential since there's lime juice already

Just dump everything into the pan/wok and cook with low flame with lid on to get smooth and juicy texture on the chicken. No water needs to be added especially so if the chicken has been pre-frozen.

I like this with fried meehoon, next dish that i shall make with the paste to finish it off before it expires will probably be Tom Yum fried Meehoon :)

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