Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Malaysian Curry Laksa in 1-2-3

Curry Laksa quick you say? YES quick Curry Laksa here for this busy mom who again have no maids at my expense :( Sorry for being so whinny about this maids issues, but this is one of my very big sore here in NZ! Why won't the government here allow maids to come? Even Canada allows it. The typical Kiwi answer to this question is 'Oh its just not our way of life' Bahhhh i detest! Sorry spoilt child here hehe...

Anyway coming back to Curry Laksa, I've been craving this for a long time here and have never had the guts to make it in fear of all the extensive stock making that would be needed for the soup to be nice. Weather here has been pathetic over the last few days, its been raining non-stop for 3 days and that just made me crave for something rich and spicy and gives you the satisfaction at the first bite! Nothing better than curry laksa i say.

So i decided that's what we shall have for dinner at 12pm while at office, so called mum (who's here with dad for a 3 months visit at the mo) to get some hard boiled eggs ready and cut up some onions and ginger.

Rushed home after work and pre-warned my parents who can be pretty fussy with their eats that its going to be a quickie Curry Laksa, so don't get your hopes up high.

Here goes:
-3 big onions
-3 inch of ginger
-3 tbsp of dried shrimps
-1 heaping tbsp of shrimp paste aka belacan
-4 HUGE fresh red chilli's-can substitute with dried ones and even chili powder

Blend the above till it become paste.

-2 stalks of lemon grass bashed
-1.5tbsp of chicken granules
-3tbsp of fish curry powder-Baba's brand the best
-4 litres of water-you can add more or less up to you
-1 can of coconut cream - for lucky people who gets fresh coconut cream, I'd say cream from 1 coconut or more if you desire a very rich soup
-salt & msg to taste

-Balanced noodles/meehoon/mix-personally fresh egg noodles are the best with Laksa
-Blanch beansprouts
-Shreded chicken meat, can cook this in the soup together-I used leftover KFC, it was gooooooddd...
-Hard boiled eggs
-Fish cakes

Saute the paste in a wok/pan with some oil, ooh and chuck in 2 stalks of bashed lemon grass and the curry powder. If you're trying to keep guilt to the lowest level, go sparingly with the oil otherwise the more oil the richer the soup will be. Saute it till it becomes very fragrant and you'd know this when the color turns really dark. Then add in water and chicken granules and leave it to boil for 20 minutes before adding in the coconut cream. Add seasoning to taste. Assemble your bowl of noodles and top up with the soup. I swear it was really nice, i mean the next best thing besides getting it back in Malaysia from a reputable hawker :) Got my parents approval too *wink* I was too hungry and eager to dive in to my noodles hence forgot to snap a pic or 2, darn.

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