Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hokkien Mee recipe

Prawn mee has always been one of my favourite hawker fares, so naturally when i left Malaysia, i craved for it so badly i had to dream about it! (must be the hormones then, preggers craving). I immediately went online to search for prawn mee recipes and tried it out. That particular recipe did not turn out to be anything close to prawn mee but thank god i have my aunt Ivy's who's a great cook who rescued the soup and voila it turned out better than any prawn mee i've ever had in my entire life!

Here's my recipe for any brave souls out there:-


2-3 Chicken carcass
2 big pieces Pork bones
LOTS of prawn shells - prawn head is particularly good
3 big onions
1/2 tbsp belacan
5 tbsp chilli powder-depending on your ability to take hot stuff though
1 round palm sugar
2-3 tbsp chicken granules - adjust to taste
salt-to taste
msg (optional)
500 gm pork-rump/scotch
bean sprouts
hard boiled eggs
fried shallots

Put carcass and bones to boil
Saute ground onions with belacan and chilli powder, then add to soup
Saute prawn shells and add to soup
Leave to boil for at least 2.5-3 hours
Cook the pork rump in the soup till done and take it out to slice thinly for garnishing
Cook prawns with the soup-do not overcook, usually takes nothing more than 2-3minutes

Blanch noodles & meehoon with kangkung and bean sprouts
Add a hard boiled egg
Add cooked prawns
Add cooked pork rumps
Add fried shallots and finally the soup

Its difficult to list out portions of each ingredients accurately as it depends on the amount of soup that one's making as well as taste. What i list here is to make approximately 5 litres of soup.

Wished i've had some pictures to post for this 'darn'

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