Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Betty Crocker's Chocolate fudge cupcakes

I've never been one who's much into baking till my baby Alyssa's birthday crept near. Not that i know nothing about baking or have not baked before, i just don't invest much time into perfecting anything. My mum was a home science girl back in school days, so naturally i'd have picked up a few tips here and there along the way.

After having baked a few cakes for Alyssa, its gotten me totally hooked on cakes/cupcakes and everything chocolatey and sweet. But i got to tell ya, I'm shamelessly lazy what with a baby and no maid in NZ! So while i was picking up some groceries the other day, i wandered into the baking aisle and picked up a box of ready mix. Never heard anyone complained about it before so i decided to give it a go. Besides i had to justify my investment into my Kenwood cake mixer, its a life saver and an absolute pleasure to possess.
Look what turned out, I overfilled the baking cups cause i was errr lazeh to wait for this batch to finish baking and put in another batch, i've only got this 1 muffin pan :~ despite my greedy overfilling of the cups, there was still some left. Feeling rather smug, i filled it into the baking cups and just placed it in the open, i'm sure the picture would have proven that it doesn't work, so don't go about being any smarter than what i did.
But those aren't important, what's important is if it tasted decent. Tasted totally artificial, can't explain the taste. The packet also came with ready mixed chocolate frosting as well, so i thought might be decent once its frosted, but the frosting tasted just as artificial!

I had some cupcakes that thankfully didn't make the ready frosting simply cause there wasn't enough. In order not to waste food, i had to think of some remedy to make it edible, aha i have some Nestle chocolate melts and whip cream in the fridge! Placed some melts into the microwave for 30 sec and added in some cream so that the melts wouldn't harden immediately. Iced it and ate it immediately and it was heavenly! If you ask me if i would buy this again, i have to say NO not only to this but to all ready-mixes. Somethings are just not worth being lazy over sigh...Lesson learnt.

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