Thursday, April 10, 2008

Alyssa's party- 5/4/2008

My little bub's 1! Can't believe how quickly the last one year has gone by, parenthood is really challenging but most importantly really rewarding yesssss..... The amount of love baby Alyssa's brought into our lives is unsurpassed and today we are going to celebrate just that 1 year of bliss that Alyssa's brought with her...

Cakes, I've made for Alyssa, little Teddy went to Alyssa's day care and the tiered cake was divulged by our friends and family at our party at home. They're both rich dark chocolate cake iced with buttercream, but the tiered cake had an extra layer of raspberries cream sandwiched and some fondant accents. I would like to note the fact that I've put 12 hours of hard labour into that tiered cake, longer than i had been in labour when i had Alyssa *sweat*

Nasi Lemak was the theme for the mains simply for its simplicity in preparatory work since the mains could all be prepared way in advance and kept frozen. Had a healthy spread of desserts of Mango Pudding, Almond chocolate cookies, Strawberries dipped in chocolate, Tim Tam truffles (got the idea from Su Yin's blog), fruits and CAKE!

Look at that little face filled with total joy and excitement, all the hardwork and effort have been totally paid off by just that look on her little you lots bubba.

A big thanks to my mum for all the help and her wonderful beef rendang which has gathered rave reviews even from 'kwai lohs' hehe...


Little Corner of Mine said...

Happy One Alyssa!!

Wow, what a nice birthday party for your little girl and so great that you have your parents there with you.

And congratulations on your first blog! Creating one is easy, maintaining it is another story, I have lots of buddy bloggers just left it hanging after awhile. Hope you keep yours up! :)

Angie said...

Thanks Little Corner of mine. I'll try to keep inspired to keep my blog going:)