Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I wonder what's gotten into me!!! Me starting a blog? As far as my life goes, i've never been one who's put my thoughts nor my everyday life into writting. When i was a little girl, i've was given loads of cute little diaries where i'ld go all ga-ga over for the first few days and it all goes downhill after. I reckon i've just got better things to do with my time than penning down my uninteresting day. Plus i'm an introvert, secretive and a highly personal kinda individual, i'd hate the fact that anyone including me parents and little busybody brother (he ain't little anymore) could potentially stumble upon my secret thoughts argghhhh no thanks, what's personal is best kept just in me harddrive brains. That was then :)

So what's gotten into me? Ummm.... maybe its the fact that i'm aging and the memory mechanism in me is failing me lots lately, maybe its cause i've gotten to a point in my life that i'd really like to remember as i go along and also i'd love to have a space to reminiscense my growing up years??? I really don't have just one concrete answer to my own question. This could be just a spur of the moment kind off thing? Who knows?

But while i do blog, i'd love to share my passion for food, adventure, travel and everything dear to me.

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