Sunday, April 13, 2008

Home made beef burger

Burgers is one of my love hate kinda meal, love it for the satisfaction on the first bite but hate the guilt that comes with it. Over the years, i've made quite a few burgers but none was more satisfying that this recipe:
500gm lean mince beef
2 tsp salt
2tbsp oregano
dash of pepper
4 heaping tbsp of soft bread crumbs
1 grated carrot
1 diced onion
2 tbsp of worschetire sauce
1 eggs to bind
Just mix everything together and let stand for maybe 20 minutes for the flavor to infuse, make it into patties and pan fry them in vegetable oil.
I always have an egg with its yolk oozing with my burger. If pretty raw egg is not your thing, cook it really well then. If the patty is not too big, it would be nice to wrap it inside an egg with some cheese *yummmmmmmmmm*
The rest of the ingredients for the assembly is totally up to individuals. here are some ideas:-
-gerkhins *not my thing*
-Caramelised onions (pan fry some onions and add some sugar till it goes all soft and brown)
-Chilli/Tomato sauce (being Malaysian, hey hey its chilli!)
-whatever you could think off!

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