Friday, July 25, 2008

Using healthier alternatives ingredients

As a society progresses, so does the nation's food consumption. We're all into indulgence nowadays that a lot of us especially the younger ones takes no worry about what their food actually does to their health. The wealthier a nation is, the more rich man diseases there is such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, heart diseases and so on. I've read the book "Japanese Women Don't Get Old Or fat" by Naomi Moriyama and William Doyle. I was very inspired by the way Japanese eat and I have to a very small degree try to practise some of their good practices into our lives.
What really strucked a chord in this book is that the author mentioned that with the Western infiltration into their society, the younger generations are getting unhealthier as they tend to go for the various Fast Food Chains that has popped up their Country.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking asking anyway to totally snub those Fast Food Chains, I still go for them whenever I'm out of time to cook or too tired from work. Yes I'll be a SAHM mum in a few weeks time, that's when I'll be truly tested if I could stick to eating just good eats but not compromising too much on flavors. Well who could I really kid that the healthier ingredients alternatives does not compromise on the taste or texture of a dish?
Here's a list of the substitute ingredients that I use in my kitchen in hope that my family and I will be able to enjoy food for a longer time while still having good health during our finite time on earth. Life's too precious to live too precariously indulging.

Peanut Oil - Olive oil, Canola Oil or other vegetable oil
Butter - Olive spread, margarine spread
Full Fat Cream - Fat free evaporate milk/trim milk/yogurt
Cream Cheese - Fat free/low fat cream cheese
Ice-cream - low fat options
Coconut Cream - Coconut flavored evaporated milk (fat free option) or just normal fat free evaporated milk (taste just as good in curries)
Oyster sauce - Chicken granules
Puff pastry - go for the low fat option/filo pastry
Will add to the list whenever I come across any new substitute. Good eats everyone and ohh by the way I still go for fats once in a while (but its got to be really worth it), let's just say I'm trying to go mid-way it not sideways:)


Mochachocolata Rita said...

great tips! watch out or the catches behind the "healthier alternatives" though. e.g. low fat could be super high sugar...canola oil might not be a good idea for frying...etc

let's all live a healthier yet yummier life


Angie said...

Thanks for mentioning that, should do a post on deceptive marketing sometime like 'lite olive oil'! real dupe! Based on personal experience, canola oil have served me pretty well in deep frying though, the only drawback or that's a plus point is that you can't reuse it much.