Thursday, July 24, 2008

Claypot rojak chicken

This to me is truly in the spirit of experiment or rather use up everything that's lying around in the fridge. I have no recipe for this dish as i was just mucking around with all the ingredients and sauces. I thought it came out pretty weird as in it tasted a little like Chinese and also Japanese. Only my hubby truly appreciated it with his very accomplished taste bud. Naturally my little one snubbed this. But it was rather nice served with rice as the gravy was full of flavor.

Here's a list of things that I've put into the Claypot, that's even if i recall them correctly:-

-boneless chicken thighs
-pureed spinach and carrots (these were actually meant for the tofu nuggets but i omitted it as my daughter didn't want dinner that day)
-toasted sesame seeds


-Tomato sauce
-Chili sauce
-soy sauce
-chicken granules

Just slightly brown the chicken pieces before adding in the rest of the ingredients, cook with the lid open as there is quite some gravy in this, so let it simmer down. Hey if you're up for some quirky dishes, why not experiment with your leftovers too? Groceries bill are really climbing high lately, so waste not.

Here's something to share on not wasting, the other day when I was queuing at the hyper mall to pay for my groceries, I stumbled upon this magazine Healthy Food, they have a website too. The July issue was great as it totally enlightened me on what to do with leftovers that's not appealing even to my human food disposer. It also gives advice on how to store your produce to lengthen its shelf life too and many more interesting articles that every homebody should take a peek at for some pointers. They also have lots of yummy and healthy recipes *wink wink*.


babe_kl said...

hi angie, thanks for coming by my blog. you're doing good here, keep them coming ;-)

Mochachocolata Rita said...

hi, i am new to your blog!

i love the idea of claypot rojak chicken...hmmm so many good food, so little time to try ^_^

Angie said...

Hi Babe in the KL city, thanks for hopping by too. Hopefully I'll have your diligence in keeping up with my blog :)

Hi mochachocolata rita,thanks for coming by too. Hope you'll have fun experimenting :)