Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Soft sweet buns

I lurveeee soft buns that we get back home in Malaysia. Here in New Zealand, "ang moh's" prefer heavy breads, nothing wrong with that, just means we got to get use to it. Recently some Asian bakeries have sprouted and there were bakes like soft buns, swiss rolls and all that we Asians love. BUT, the prices! A swiss roll cost NZ$12!!! I'd save that till I get DESPERATE!
Stumbled upon this recipe while I was blog hopping and am so grateful for this PERFECT recipe from 'A Daily Obsession'. I'm no baker and surely am not very gifted in this department but it worked hence its Dummy proof!
Check out what I yielded:

After the first rising, shaped them and left for another hour of rising:

After an hour, ummmm potential d...Aren't they preeetyyyyy????

And ohhh so soft...These breads are gone within a day or two in our household, be it ate just like that or with some dips or curry, its PERFECT!!!

Tips for dummies like me (I learnt it the hard way, so thought I'd share-only if you're a dum-dum like me):-
I used dried yeast and the recipe says mix everything together, so naturally I did. Was so disappointed that the dough didn't rise for like 5 hours, was gonna throw it away after 3 hours but left it there cause I was watching some show. Luckily for that, it did rise when I came back later to chuck it!!! But only after so many hours???
Hmmmm okay i got to ask Mum why????
Turns out I should activate the yeast first-meaning dissolve them in some lukewarm water and add in a wee bit of sugar to wakey those fellas.
Secondly, this recipe called for a teaspoon of salt which is quite enough to kill the yeast, so Mum advised that the salt should be added to the side of the dough, knead them in after the first rising.
BINGO!!! I didn't have to stay up till 12am to finish baking them ever since...yeah stupid rite? How did I pass home science? Wait a minute don't recall ever baking breads back then :)

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Mochachocolata Rita said...

wow thanks for the tips! i love soft buns and i desperately needed an idiot proof recipe (i am truly an idiot)