Monday, May 11, 2009

Salty Rice aka 'Ham Fan'

This is one of my favorite lazy but yummy meals...easy peasy.
Marinate some chicken pieces with :-
- enough dark soy sauce to blacken the rice to your liking
-a couple of dashes of light soy sauce
-a dash of sugar
-a dash of corn flour/starch
Put washed rice and some ginger pieces to boil in the rice cooker, during the last 15mins of cooking time, pour in the chicken together with all the marinate. (Important note: reduce the amount of water that you'd normally need for the rice to cook because the marinate and some juices from the chicken will moisten the rice further) Add in some preserved Chinese sausages or any other preserved meat as you desire and enjoy when your rice cooker beeps that its done cooking!!! Of course do a taste check and see if its salty enough for you, it never is for me and I'd season it with some Chicken granules or salt.
I had some blanched lettuce mixed with some oyster sauce and the normal other jazz to go with it. And of course one must not forget the star of the show...the 'chilli padi's'! Well for me anyway :)

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