Wednesday, May 6, 2009

On a typical nice day.

How many SAHM out there constantly cracks their brain as to what to do to occupy their tots day? New Zealand climate if pretty kind with more summery days than wintery ones. But its May now and winter's approaching soon with lots of tell tale rains. So on a perfect sunny day with clear blue skies and no rain in sight, its time for a stroll in the park with the little one Yay Yay!!! Had to pack some food cause when we made it out of the house its her tea-time already. Its lots of work making such things honestly (first timer) so hats off to those mummy who makes it everyday for their kid!

Packed up some coffee for meself and a little bottle of milk when its time to coax the little one back to the car for the ride home.
Sunblocked, sun hat, loads of layers and a wind cheater, safely tucked into her seat, off we go.

This is Barry Curtis Park in South Auckland New Zealand, officially opened in April 09. Its the biggest park in South Auckland and lucky us its only 1 min drive from our home. Its just a vast piece of greenery's for now till the trees grows.
Alyssa's new to such skewers, but since it looks so cute, she was more game with her food. Effort paid off :)
One thing about making bento kinda food is that there are bound to be lots of scraps of food leftover by the cut out pieces and all, but since I didn't want to be a human dumpster why not give it to the gulls/ducks/birds, there are plenty of them here.
Most importantly, the little one should be allowed to exhaust some of her energy so that Mummy can have a little more time on the net when she goes for a longer nap in the afternoon :)

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