Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Philips airfryer

After much research, I've decide to obtain this new appliance in hope of making healthier fried food. Having read many reviews (very conflicting ones that is) I'd have to get one to try it out, after all its 30 days money back guarantee. I can tell you that I have no intention whatsoever of returning it after only having owned it for 3 days and being totally delighted with it! Am sooo happy with this little new toy here for its made my life in the kitchen so much easier and the results it could achieve is totally unbelievable!

There were a lot of reviews that this appliance was nothing more than a table top oven and a replicate of many other appliances already on the market but with a hefty price tag. Also what it could do was achievable with the oven too. I beg to differ! Before I went out to buy this I actually experimented with my tabletop convection cooker, table top oven and my 90cm oven if it make food crispy as if they have been deep fried. Conclusion-No!

So bottom line is-I'm happy with my Philips air fryer as it could give me the texture of deep fried food that other appliances can't.

The Philips air fryer came with a recipe book that mainly emphasise on potatoes. I'm not big on spuds, I bought this more with the intention that it could make main meals such as chicken/pork chops and fry whatever I would do the traditional method (deep frying with oil). But I've read that Tempura is not advisable on this fryer, no big deal for me, I don't do tempura anyway :)

I'll be jotting down my experiments with this airfryer here for my reference and anyone else who's interested.

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