Friday, February 6, 2009

My Food Idol Mr. Chua

Was watching this show on Mamabok's site and this really opens up my mind to a whole new perspective on what good food is!!! I like his principles on searching for perfection regardless if its a common dish like 'wanton noodles' to luxurious dishes which I've not even known some of those ingredients exist till now. Of course what his sense of perfection is fuelled by his memory and his taste bud on what he's been brought up with/used to having which will be very different to what the younger generation has experienced.

The other thing that I really like about this show is that they look for dying trades that's solely being carried on by one or two people now, gives you a very nostalgic feel. Its like taking us back to the soul of food striped down to bare essentials of traditional tools. Makes me feel like chucking out all my gadget's, as if hehe... but i went and bought some bamboo steamers after watching the 2nd episode "wink wink".

I wish I could search for all these perfection in my own little kitchen but with a toddler round me 24/7, I guess I'd just have to give and take. Can't invest all my time and effort on food like these people could as its their profession. Passion and profession fused together gives perfection! Someday when my baby doesn't need so much of my time anymore I just might go to such extremes, we'll see about that haha...but I have a cunning plan for now, I get my toddler involved in the kitchen to start off many years to cooking and experimenting, hope it works!! Hey people go watch this when you have time, won't regret it. Some of the dishes that they have are things that we may never get to experience in our lifetime!

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Mochachocolata Rita said...

I miss his show...I used to look forward to his show every Sunday 20:00...I wonder if I'd have to do a hunger strike in front of TVB's headquarter ^_^