Sunday, February 1, 2009

'Loh Sang' or 'Loh Hei'

Happy Chinese New Year, welcome to the year of the OX! Though the economy and all seems all gloom and doom, life has to go on, we'll just have to live through such times but there's an optimistic saying 'It came to pass', we'll just hope it passes by real quickly!! In the mean time, it helps when our tummy is filled with lots of good home made and yummy food!
I've always loved 'Loh Sang' in Malaysia and have done it since I was really young, not realising its more of a Malaysian and Singaporean custom. But it seems that this trend is catching on, heard on the Auckland Chinese radio station the other day some restaurants advertising for this dish during this festive period.
This is a home made version of my aunt, I'm so lucky to have such an innovative home cook aunt! I vouch and our whole family vouch for the yummyness of this dish, way better than any 5 star restaurants ones that we've tasted.
Every year during CNY, we practise pot luck among our fellow friends here and whenever it came to my turn to host, I always had the luxury to ask my aunt to make this for me, so meaning I've never once had to DIY! I got this recipe from her to share with everyone who'd like to try to make this on your own.

Ingredients to be grated:


Use a muslin cloth to squeeze out as much water from the grated vege, the drier it is, the crunchier it'll be.

Other ingredients:

-Spring onion cut into thin shreds
-Deep fried wanton skin (use the thick type, cut the skin into 3 portions before deep frying)
-Ground peanuts (LOTS)
-Toasted sesame seeds (LOTS)
-Pickled onions cut thinly
-Pickled ginger (cut into fine shreds)
-Raw fish slices of your preference (sashimi grade)

Note: You could buy pickled onions and ginger easily at the supermarkets, the DIY is simple enough anyway just pickle it with vinegar and sugar, can be done on the same day.

To make the sauce:

-1 bottle of plum sauce
-1 bottle of apricot jam
-Vinegar and sugar to taste
-a few tbsp of water depending on the consistency

Put everything into a pot and cook over low flame till slightly reduced.

To assemble:

Place all the grated vege in sections on a platter. Then layer on the fish slices, peanuts, wanton skin, sesame seeds and all. Before serving, sprinkle with some pepper, 5 spice powder (just a hint) and a little bit of oil. Pour the sauce on top a few minutes before the 'loh' begins!!!

Here's to a prosperous, happy and healthy new year!

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