Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm back!!

OK I've been away from blogging for many months now, due to some personal reasons. But I'm back now! I've been a SAHM now for 4 months and I'm thoroughly enjoying it! I'm enjoying my little girl who's growing up so quickly, I'm enjoying cooking more now that I don't have to rush like a madwomen everyday and most importantly I'm happy to care for the family!
So being a SAHM influences my cooking in what way? We use to have a lot of takeaways while i was working Full Time and that's no good for everyone especially the child. Now i try to do the Hong Kong TVB series standard of 'sam sung, yat tung' literally means three dishes and one soup! That's crazy by many people's standard even mine, so when i occasionally manages it, I'm thrilled to bits!

This was one of those days yay! Soup was eel with black beans, steamed chicken cubes with ginger and 'lap cheong', teriyaki salmon and stir fried lettuce. I'm very into soups lately cause for some strange reasons the little one loves it to bits. So I'll be jotting down recipes for soups mainly just so when i run out of ideas, I could always come back here to see what I've made before.

Conger Eel with Black Beans Soup:

1 huge piece of eel, mine was almost 1kg.

1 rice bowl of organic black beans

a handful of red dates

few slices of ginger, depending on how hot the ginger is (Kiwi ginger is super hot!)

2 litres of water (it should reduce to half when its done)

Put all ingredients into a big pot and bring it to boil on high heat, then turn it down to a simmering point and leave for another 3 hours. Salt to taste at end.

Supposedly, or I've been told by my mum black beans are great for blood nourishing effect. I love it anyway!

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