Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rendang puff

We've always been a big fan of curry puff and I've always made them with a simple version of chicken curry. This time round, the smart Alec suggested that I made it with the beef rendang that we have frozen from our last Nasi Lemak rendezvous. I gotta admit I was sceptical at first and gave him a dirty look at his suggestion. But then the idea can't be bad since it saves me the work of having to cook the filling. All I had to do was to buy some puff pastry (we got Edmond's reduced fat and its really good with less fat) and dice some hard boiled eggs and wrap up those little babies. Follow the baking instructions that comes with the pastry and that's it.
The result was FANTABULOUS!!! I'd go for this anytime as opposed to our firm favourite of chicken curry puff, sorry Chicky, this round goes to Beef Rendang Puff!

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